Thursday, August 30, 2007

I don't have any news yet on how Steph's night went. So far today our biggest challenge was to get Drew to school. We decided that he will be going back to his old school with Claire. However, today he said "Claire, I'm really sorry but I have changed my mind. I won't be staying at school today." I'm not kidding, that is exactly what he said. If you know Drew, you know that he is 3 going on 73. So he took the lunch I packed him and said he would go to Cheryl and Bubby's today but he might try again on Tuesday! I am so very thankful for the girls at Claire and Drew's school. They are all so amazing and didn't even hesitate to take Drew even though there is a waiting list. And the icing on the cake.....they are doing it at no charge. It is such a great feeling to know that our children are with such a wonderful and caring group of people 2 mornings a week. Obviously I can't name the preschool but you know who you are!!!! We love you all and can't imagine that there is a better preschool on the planet! Thank you so much.

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