Saturday, August 25, 2007


The Doc wants to do surgery this week. He promised Steph that it would be before Wednesday. We don't know any specifics yet as far as what time and what exactly they will do but Steph and Scot are meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday morning to discuss it. We THINK they may try to remove all 3 masses. We just don't know for sure at this point. All I know is they have to do something because she has been in a lot of pain and I just hate it for her! Please keep praying!

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kerri and madi said...

Hey Coach,
Just returned from vacation and learned of your most recent challenge (like the challenge with Drew wasn't enough) My personal message to you is.....

You have been given the talent of teacher, mentor, coach, motivator, leader.... Your life experiences have prepared you for your next challenge We will pray with you and we will watch from the bleachers occasionally yelling at the refs, occasionally coaching from the side lines but always cheering you on.

I don't know what hospital you are with but I am the nurse practitioner for the chairman of the board at St. Johns, Dr. Meldi The healthcare system can be a real bitch to navigate. Communication doesn't seem to be our strongest point If you happen to be at St. Johns and you need anything please call on me.

Kerri and Madi
My cell number is 496-1222