Thursday, August 30, 2007

I spoke with my mom earlier and she told me that this morning Steph was up sitting in a chair. Does this suprise me? Not one bit! I am still working on getting a little more information about the surgery but it's hard to work in a complete conversation right now with anyone. Plus I haven't been able to go see her yet b/c Brian is out of town and I won't be taking my hooligans up there! I did want to let everyone know that we spoke with the people at Meal Makers here in town and they have decided to donate 10% of all sales for the Phillips family back to the Stephanie Phillips Foundation! Talk about a win win situation! Just mention the Stephanie Phillips Foundation when you order! Here is the website again THANKS MEAL MAKERS!!!


Angie said...

Hey Steph!! Mom and dad called me on their way home from taking grandma to her surgery and told me that they stopped by and saw you. They said that you were sitting up and looking good. That is really awesome. I know that you probably know this, but GET SOME REST!! I am sure that there are many people who want to visit and you would like to see, but your recovery depends on rest. Mom said that you will know in a couple of weeks what your treatment options are, but she did say that one may be that you would come to St. Louis. IF you do, let me know what I can do to help you and Scott. We are keeping you, Scott and the boys in our prayers. Keep on fighting:)

In Him,

Jill said...

I don't know if you remember me, but I am Scot's cousin Jill (Moore). Mom has been keeping me posted about your cancer/surgery and told me about your website so I can keep up to date from way up north. I am so glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you are doing good. God really does work miracles and answers our prayers. I will keep you,Scot and all the family in my thoughts and prayers.
Love you all,

Lacy Jo said...

To already being able to sit up day after surgery is awesome!! Go Coach Phillips!!! good luck with everything else. All of us girls are thinking and praying for you each day!! :) We all love ya dearly, see ya soon.