Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chef Levi says......

Here's a little greeting from Levi to everyone who has or will be helping with dinners for his family! He has been pretty sick the past few days. Steph took him to the doctor with a 103 degree temp. They said if it got worse that he may have the dreaded flu. Which, by the way, they say is starting earlier this year so everyone be sure to get your flu shots asap! Drew got his and my mom said she may have some hearing loss due the the insanely high decibel at which he was screaming! Not a good day! On Friday my mom was bouncing from St. John's to Cox all day. She spent some time with Steph at chemo and some with my dad. He had to have a blood flow test in his hand to see how good it is after his accident in 2005. Apparently, it is non-existent. Dr. Boswell said that it doesn't look like there is anything he can do to fix it so they will go back to the hand doc and see what he says. Today has been a rough one for Steph. She is REALLY sensitive to the cold right now. So, my dad is going to take her later to Bass Pro (if she's up to it) to get some under armor stuff to hopefully take the chill off. Right now she is cuddled up by the fire in their living room staying warm. She is learning that you have to be your own voice when it comes to chemo. She found out on Friday that they can give her meds that will give her more energy. We aren't sure why they didn't offer her that last time! Unfortunately there are no meds to take care of the extreme sensitivity to cold, so she will just have to tough it out. Luckily it only lasts about 5-6 days. We are looking forward to dressing the kiddos up on Wednesday, making "pumpkin brownies" and painting pumpkins. We will post pics of the kids in their costumes. Drew is Batman, Claire is Supergirl, Cohen is Charlie Brown and Levi may go as a little kid who has been electrocuted. You will just have to wait to see pics of that. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and is enjoying the beautiful fall weather! Oh and by the way, check out my blog and look at what's new at our house!

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