Monday, October 8, 2007


The fundraiser was a HUGE SUCCESS! First I want to thank Leslie, Greta, Kailey, Whitney, KJ, Molly and the staff at Mcalister's for all of their hard work tonight. (Will one of you PLEASE let me know if I left anyone out!?) You girls did an amazing job getting this together and waiting tables. The girls busted their tails (literally huh Whitney?) getting the food and drinks out to everyone. Thank you! Second, thanks to Jarad, Ashely and Doug for being in charge of the merchandise. Third, thanks to Mom, Dad, Edna, Jarad, Ashley, Doug and Terry for helping so much with the 4 kids. It's not a small task. Last, and certainly not least, thanks to everyone who came and made this such a huge success. For those who weren't able to attend, let me paint you a picture. When I pulled up at 6 pm, the parking lot to Mcalister's and the TWO buildings next to it were full. There was a line out the front door and down the sidewalk and there was not an empty table in the place. I was overcome with emotion. (Especially when I realized I may have to park at Target!) Honestly though, it was so touching to see so many people waiting for 20-30 minutes to order their dinner at a place that normally takes 5! We all realize how precious your time is and we can't thank you enough for coming out to show your support for Steph. There were tons of Stephs players there...past, present and future! There were old teammates, opponents, coaches, fellow teachers, family, friends, nurses, doctors, and even people who don't even know Steph but are aware of her situation! One of the Mcalister's employees said we raised more in the first hour (just in sales) than most organizations do in a whole evening! I wish I could thank each person individually, just know that we appreciate you. It was so nice to get to put some faces with names and finally get to meet some of the people that have helped out so far. I only wish I would have had time to talk to everyone. Again, THANK YOU EVERYONE who was there (In body and spirit!) for making this such an amazing night. I have some pics that I will post later! God Bless and Good Night!


emily said...

I wouldn't have expected anything other than a huge success!

Angie said...

Hey steph, just read the blog for Monday and I am so excited that the evening was a huge success!! Continued prayers for you, Scott and the boys. Let mom know if you need anything. I check with her every couple of days. Good luck with the chemo starting on Friday. I will definitely be thinking of you.

In Him,