Sunday, October 7, 2007

This and That

Here's a few little stories that lean towards the "lighter side" of cancer. After driving through Arby's and bringing home lunch, Steph and Drew sat down to enjoy their meal together. The conversation went as follows.
Drew: "Mommy, is this slow food?"
Steph: "Huh?"
Drew: "I said is this SLOW food?"
Steph: "What do you mean Drew?"
Drew: "Well, the doctor said you can't eat FAST food, so is this slow food?"
Too cute! We did find out that the first nurse told her wrong. She is allowed to eat anything she wants. We think that because the kind of treatment she is receiving she doesn't have to watch so closely what she eats.
Also, I learned some new info today that gave me just the ammo I needed for the perfect "fanny pack" jokes. Steph's first treatment is Friday. This means they will hook her up and give her a fanny pack to take home. She then will be a bridesmaid in her cousin Jackie's wedding! I told her we could "Bedazzle" that thing until it shines like the top of the Chrysler building! Or we could stuff it in the top of her dress along with some balloons filled with pudding (to round everything out) and she can be the Pamela Anderson version of herself. OR She could put it under her dress in the back and get the JLo thing going on. I personally think it's a win win win situation.

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emily said...

tooooo cute!!! i think he just might be the funniest almost 4 yr old little boy ever!!